Today started with a smile.

I started today with a smile on my face and a feeling of joy for no apparent reason. But, like always, as the day went on I lost any reason to feel happy. I don’t understand why my mind doesn’t allow me to enjoy life. Why do I tear myself apart and refuse to let myself see the beauty everyone else tells me I have? I want to appreciate the life I have and be thankful for the blessings I’ve been given. 

If you’re willing, I would like to start a weekly challenge for anyone else who faces these same problems I do. 

A challenge to smile at every person you see in a day.

A challenge to say “I am beautiful” in front of a mirror every day.

A challenge to talk to someone when you’re feeling lonely. 

A challenge not to harm yourself.

A challenge to eat 3 healthy meals in a day and not purge. 

A challenge to truly believe that you’re worthy of happiness. 

If you’re willing to take the challenge, so am I <3

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